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The cost of a Legionella Risk Assessment varies on many different factors that we will talk about in this blog such as the size of the premises that need to be assessed. The range of prices for a Legionella Risk Assessment is usually from around £130 – £2000 and with our prices starting from just £55 it makes them some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Factors that determine the cost of a LRA

The price you will pay for a Legionella Risk Assessment, or LRA for short, will depend on a few things such as the following:

  • Location
  • Building Size
  • The complexity of the water system
  • Multiple Premises
  • If it is a Commercial or Domestic LRA

All of these things can affect the cost of a Legionella Risk Assessment in one way or another.

A lot of assessors will charge you depending on your location as they will inform you that “time is money” and the further they have to travel, the more you will be charged. It’s not like that here at LegionellaRiskandPat.com, we set out to make sure everyone gets a fantastic but also fair service. Our Prices start from £55 for a domestic LRA wherever you are.

Now building size is more for the attention of businesses who are more likely to have a bigger and more complex water system due to them needing the water for commercial and business purposes. This makes them more at risk of legionnaires disease as the risk of Legionella being present in their water is higher and this will affect the cost of an LRA.

The more complex your water system, typically, the more you pay. This is because it is more complex to assess but also more complex for people to maintain meaning it is also at a higher risk. You usually find bigger or more public buildings have a more complex water system. For example, think of a swimming pool building, how complex must their water system be? Due to this and due to the fact that a lot of people use it for multiple purposes means this would take a lot more work to assess and therefore would increase the cost of the assessment. The next point is pretty obvious, the more premises that need to be assessed, the more it’s going to cost.

This usually only relates to businesses but we at LegionellaRiskandPat.com understand that businesses have a lot to do as it is and organising multiple Legionella Risk Assessments isn’t easy. That’s why we offer discounted prices for volume bookings and will set up to do a follow-up assessment the year after to keep businesses in compliance with the Health and Safety advice and more importantly keep their staff and customers safe.

The last factor that will affect the cost of your LRA is whether you are getting a domestic or commercial assessment done. Obviously, there is more work involved in a commercial job such as a care home or dentist surgery than there is in a one-bedroom flat so the assessment cost is naturally going to be higher.

So how much do Legionella Risk Assessments cost in the UK?


Domestic risk assessments are for one residential property where an assessor will look over and check all the water sources and test for any possible dangers as well as test the temperatures of the water around the property and identify if there is any trace of any Legionella bacteria so they can proceed to put the correct measures in place. This is popular for people who have recently moved into their homes or landlords looking to make sure their properties are safe for their tenants.

The market is forever changing but from our research, the average prices for a domestic Legionella Risk Assessment vary between £80 – £200 but with LegionellaRiskandPat.com prices start at £55 and you will receive your full LRA report back on the same day!

If you are a landlord and would like to get a quote on multiple residential properties we also offer discounts on volume bookings. 


Commercial risk assessments have mostly the same checks and procedures but on a much higher scale. Some more complex water systems may also need more in-depth legionella testing and monitoring, especially if it is being used for multiple purposes by many people.

The prices for commercial assessments are obviously a bit higher and we have found the average price for a commercial LRA in the current market is between £200 – £500. We find it unfair to put a fixed price on commercial assessments because we know each business is different, with different needs, goals, and budgets. 

That’s why we ask our business customers and estate agency partners to contact us for a commercial LRA so we can discuss with them exactly what they need to give them the fairest and most accurate quote.

If you have any questions about Legionella Risk Assessments and our other services such as PAT Testing or would like to book any services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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