PAT Testing in Inverclyde


Here at we offer fully compliant and comprehensive Portable Appliance Testing across the whole of Scotland at some of the most competitive prices on the market.


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) is the best way of ensuring your electrical appliances in your home, rental property or business are safe to use, for you and those you are responsible for.

Our electrical safety experts carry out PAT Testing using the most reliable and up to date Portable Appliance Testing equipment. The test checks for damaged or faulty electrical equipment and involves:

  • Inspection of plugs and wiring.
  • Cable inspections and connection tests.
  • Identifying continuity and testing it.
  • Lead polarity checks
  • Insulation resistance tests, “electric shock” prevention.


Any portable appliance in your property should be inspected and checked by our experts to ensure you are totally covered and can have peace at mind when you, your tenant or employees are using your electrical equipment.


Keep your family and your tenants safe from faulty and potentially dangerous electrical equipment.

up to 10 items are included.
Over 10 items?
Each further item is charged at 50p per item.


Protect your business from potential damage and injuries caused by an electrical malfunction with our Commercial PAT Testing Services.
  • Prices Start From £79
  • up to 30 items included.
More than 30 items please contact us for a quote.

All of our services offered include a PAT Test document with all the details and evidence of your PAT Test that we will issue to you on the very same day.


If you are a Landlord, business owner or self employed you are liable for all of your electrical equipment and if it were to hurt or damage anyone or anything, or in an extreme case start a fire, you are responsible.

A lot of people are mistaken in thinking that the guarantee offered from the company in which you bought the electrical product from will cover you for such things but this isn’t true. Yes, they will cover you if your item is broken or isn’t fit for purpose in any way but if it is responsible for any damage or injuries, you are liable, even if your tenant or employee is using it. This is why it is always safer to PAT Test your electrical equipment as soon as you get it and cover yourself.


We advise PAT Testing should be done every 12 months as this is how long your label will last. You don’t want to risk leaving it and getting caught with out of date tests or even worse, if any damage or harm was done after your PAT Test expired and then you are responsible for said damage or harm.

It may even be worth considering PAT testing your appliances more regularly than annually if they are in constant use, just to ease your mind that you are keeping you, your tenants and your employees safe.


The following appliances are responsible for the most fires when faulty:

  • Toasters and Toaster Ovens.
  • Electric Cookers and Stoves.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers.
  • Washing Machines.
  • Dishwashers.
  • Clothes Dryers.


If you have had an appliance like one in the list for a long time and have never had it PAT Tested, we strongly advise you do so before continuing to use the item. Also if you start to notice anything strange or slightly faulty about your appliances in your household, rental property or business it is always safer PAT Testing it to give you peace of mind that your electrical equipment is safe to use for you, your tenants and your employees.


If you are a landlord, business owner, employer, self employed or are in any position to provide electrical equipment to use you are responsible for/required by law to ensure any electrical appliance or equipment you provide is safe to use for your tenants, employees or customers.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 states that the duty of care to ensure the health and safety of everyone who uses the work premises (including the self employed) is placed upon both the employer and the employee.

The Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989 also says that all electrical systems at the work premises should be maintained to prevent any dangerous situations occurring.

The best way of maintaining all of your electrical tools and appliances is PAT Testing them.


Landlords are legally obligated to ensure any electrical tool or appliance within their rental property is safe to use for their tenant. Landlords can’t even register a rental property in Inverclyde until they have the right “Repairing and Tolerable” information. Included in this information is “Electrical appliance test details” and also a “Legionella Risk Assessment”.

The most accurate method of producing your “Electrical appliance test details” is by carrying out a PAT Test. When booking PAT Testing Services offered at we will issue your details and evidence of your PAT Test in a document the very same day.

Having this evidence gives you total peace of mind that all of your electrical equipment and appliances in your rental property is safe to use for your tenants and gives you cover if anything or anyone was to get damaged or injured due to one of your electrical appliances.

Our Domestic PAT Testing services offered start from only £55.00. If you own multiple properties we also have discounted prices available for volume bookings.


Like Landlords, Business Owners are legally obligated to ensure any electrical tool or appliance within the work premises is safe to use for their employees and customers.

As stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, business owners and employers are liable for the health and safety of the people, employees and customers alike, that use the facilities inside the work premises, this includes any electrical equipment or appliance at the property.

Business owners and employers are also liable for the maintenance of electrical systems and appliances under the The Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989. This doesn’t mean you just get a PAT Test and you are covered, you must keep getting your electrical equipment PAT Tested, we recommend annually, to ensure your appliances and equipment is kept safe for yourself, your employees and also your customers.

If your business has multiple premises then you should have each one individually PAT Tested. A lot of business owners often do not have the time to organise multiple PAT Tests per year. An easy solution to this is to hire an expert to take care of all the premises’ assessments and set up a schedule with the company to return, for example annually, to make sure you’re always covered and you can relax a little knowing your premises, your employees and your customers, are safe.

Our Commercial PAT Testing services offered start from only £79.00. If you own multiple properties we also have discounted prices available for volume bookings.


Here at we work alongside many agents to produce high quality PAT Testing services. We can arrange appointments with tenants and collect keys if needed.

We can assist you in Assessing multiple properties you manage all over Scotland, keeping you in compliance with all the Health and Safety Regulations and keeping your clients and their tenants safe from faulty electrical equipment and appliances.

Why Use Us?

You will receive a first class service and our report is professional and comprehensive. The inspection is quick and easy and will not only keep tenants safe but will demonstrate your compliance with the legislation for legionnaires disease prevention.

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