Can you get Legionella from drinking water?

Can you get Legionella from drinking water

Water is a source of vitality and drinking enough of it daily is important for our health. Drinking water not only prevents dehydration, but also conditions that lead to unclear thinking, mood swings, it also stops our body from overheating, and keeps away constipation and kidney stones. This liquid is a staple of healthy living […]

What is Legionnaires’ disease?

What is Legionnaires’ disease

Legionellosis refers to a group of diseases caused by Legionella bacteria, including the most severe Legionnaires’ disease and the less dangerous Pontiac fever. Everyone is susceptible to Legionnaires’ disease, which is a potentially lethal form of pneumonia. The risk increases significantly with age but some people are more vulnerable: People over 45 years of age […]

How to manage Legionella in hot and cold water systems

Managing legionella in hot and cold water systems

Legionella bacteria can be found in a variety of water sources. In nature its presence in numbers is limited. However, Legionella is virulent and poses a threat to people when it finds a poorly maintained or managed water system. Controlling Legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems is critical if people are to be […]

How often should water systems be checked for Legionella?

Water systems check

Legionnaires’ disease has remained an important public health issue for many years. Even if more people have their water systems tested for disease control and prevention, cases of Legionella are reported and unfortunately, there are numerous deaths per year due to these outbreaks. Water sources are the most prominent cause of legionnaires’ disease in the […]

Legionella Risk Assessment for Hotels

Legionella has been recorded existing in hotels as early as 1976, the first of which being when the American Legion held a three-day event for 2000 of its members in the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. Within the following days of the event, over 180 people were reporting strange symptoms such as tiredness, chest pains, and […]

Legionella Risk Assessment for Holiday Lets

What is Legionella bacteria? Legionella is a small bacteria that can be found in droplets of water, or aerosols, which can be transmitted to humans through breathing it in. Legionella can cause Legionellosis, which is the name for a collection of diseases derived from the Legionella bacteria. This collection of diseases includes a fatal form […]


Commercial Legionella Risk Assessment: An Overview A commercial legionella risk assessment, or a Commercial LRA for short, is an assessment of whether your water is safe to use and drink at your commercial property or whether your premises is showing indications of the potentially fatal bacteria, legionella, being present in your water. To make a […]


Legionella is a form of bacteria that thrives in water and can spread by breathing in droplets of water containing the bacteria itself. Why is Legionella dangerous? LEGIONELLA BACTERIA CAN LEAD TO VARIOUS DISEASES, SOME OF WHICH CAN BE FATAL. Legionellosis is the term used for a collection of diseases caused by legionella bacteria and […]


The cost of a Legionella Risk Assessment varies on many different factors that we will talk about in this blog such as the size of the premises that need to be assessed. The range of prices for a Legionella Risk Assessment is usually from around £130 – £2000 and with our prices starting from just […]